Fishing Simulator Prototype

Was later published as Pro Fishing Simulator by Big Ben
Ring Zero Games Ltd.
Ring Zero Games Ltd.
My Role
Game Producer
PC, PS4, Xbox One
Game Engine
Unity 2017
Fishing Prototype as box version

The Fishing Simulator prototype was developed by RingZero in roughly a week's time. It consists of one nice environment of a lake in Europe. This prototype was likely one of the reasons why Big Ben agreed to develop Pro Fishing Simulator with RingZero as one of their partners.

We had some experience with PBR rendering in the past; and thanks to the wonderful team, we managed to create the scene within the brief timeframe.

  • The technical artist developed a new shader for texture blending.
  • The artists developed a new pipeline for creating trees.
  • For the first time, we also developed a rendering system that relies entirely on the post-processing stack to make the scene more realistic and livelier.

I am incredibly grateful for all the hard work the team had put in. I believe this was a huge step for RingZero entering the AAA market.

On the last image in the gallery below, I added a screenshot from the Pro Fishing Simulator. During my brief period on the development of Pro Fishing Simulator, I worked as the proofreader of that black forest’s map.


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